FAQ – Biuro Wirtualne – Najczęściej zadawane pytania

Virtual Office Krakow – Frequently Asked Questions!

Virtual office – what are its advantages?

  • No costs associated with renting a physical office,
  • access to an exclusive registration address,
  • flexibility in the choice of location,
  • The company belongs to the chosen local jurisdiction for courts and offices,
  • flexible possibility to take advantage of additional services offered by the virtual office,
  • anonymity of the correspondence,
  • Cost reduction during the initial period of business development,
  • A flexible offer allowing to adjust to the needs and the possibility to gradually move new employees to the coworking space,

Virtual Office – Can I register an existing business at your address?

Yes, just report to CEIDG that your business and your registered office address are now at a different address.

Can I pay the service monthly and then change it to an annual fee?

Of course. If you are not yet sure how your company’s revenues will be performing and if you want to use a virtual address for the whole period of operation, a monthly fee is the best solution for you. In case you come to the conclusion that the annual fee is more profitable for you we will issue an annual invoice.

If you have questions about our offer and how the virtual office in Krakow can change your company – call us! CONTACT!

Can the Tax Office question the registration of the company at another address?

No, virtual offices are already a widely accepted practice in Tax Offices. The only exception to this rule will be VAT settlements.

Virtual office – Can VAT be settled in a different place than the address of the company’s seat?

Yes, in case the majority of the company operates in a different place than its registered office address, the local tax office may claim the tax in a different place. An example of such a situation may be having a large production plant in a different town than the company’s registered office.

If you have any questions about our offer and how a virtual office in Krakow can change your company – call us! CONTACT!

Can I use the address in advertising materials, contracts and publish it on the Internet?

Yes, the contract for the provision of a virtual address is constructed in such a way as to enable this type of action. The virtual address makes it possible to conduct business activity registered at our address. Thanks to this, it can be boldly used in advertising materials, business cards, websites and as a business address in commercial contracts. At the same time you can be sure that all correspondence will be received by our staff.

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