Coworking Krakow

Coworking – Looking for a place where you can work in peace? You are disturbed by something at home or just want to get out of it! Very good! You are in the right place. We offer coworking in the highest standard. We have rooms that allow you to work in different configurations which allows you to choose the best place for your needs. If you want to know more – call us – CONTACT!

Coworking – Office rental for your company

If you are a beginner entrepreneur and you are looking for a place to run your business we have an excellent offer for you. You can combine work in coworking with a virtual office. You will save money and automate some processes. Remember when you start, every hour is worth of gold. They will allow you to concentrate on attracting new customers.

Conference rooms

In addition to coworking, we offer conference rooms. If you want to organize a conference, call us and book an appointment. We will help you with all other formalities and organize the whole event. Our conference room is quite large. Below is a gallery so you can determine whether it can accommodate the number of people you require. More information can be found on the page – conference rooms.

Gallery of our interiors

Below is a link to our gallery. You will see there exactly what our office looks like from inside and outside. GALLERY

Coworking – Special requirements

Do you need a desk in a specific configuration? Your company must have a separate room? Do you have unusual working hours? Contact us and we will try to organize an individual place to work for you – CONTACT.

Many times we have met with the practice where the company that rented a virtual office with us began to employ employees. As a result, they were in need of space to work. Our coworking proved to be the most flexible solution so they could rationalize their costs. As their company grew and their new employees were hiring additional desks until they could move to their own premises.

Our Offices

We cooperate with other coworking offices throughout Poland. Renting space with us you have the possibility to get a discount on renting desks in other locations. Below you can find links to other websites.

Our offices:

If you are interested in the services and products in our offer, have a look at the other pages. In case you find something that is interesting for you, please call us. If your company has special needs we will try to prepare a special package for you. CONTACT.