Conferences Krakow

Conferences Krakow – organize your event together with us! Do you want to promote your conferences? Let us know. We will help you with that and if you are interested we will rent a room for you. We are committed to promoting all cultural events in Krakow. For this reason we value supporting local businesses and promoting Krakow’s culture. Perfectly tailored to the needs of our clients. Richly equipped: screen, projector, flipchart. Prepared to conduct training and workshops.

Room in Krakow

Below is a link to our gallery. You can see there how our interiors look like. Gallery.

Our office is located in an excellent location in the city center. What’s more, right next door there is Strzelce Park and a large number of streets where you can park your car.

Many virtual offices are in addition to the accounting service or other accounting services. However, we do have a broader business and offer coworking for our clients. This is a big advantage because they can easily turn a virtual business into a business with employees. They can work in an office rented in our location.

Conferences Krakow – Promotion in social media

We have access to social channels on many websites and as part of our cooperation with other coworking offices. As a result, we can help you to publicize your event.

If you have more ambition and want to organize a conference during which you will present your company – you can do it in clockwork. We have a conference room that can accommodate over 20 people. The room has all the equipment needed to conduct a conference – an overhead projector, a large white board to display slides and the possibility to darken the room through curtains.

Conferences Krakow – List of offices that can help promote your event

Our offices:

If you are interested in the services and products we offer, have a look at the other pages. In case you find something that is interesting for you, please call us. If your company has special needs we will try to prepare a special package for you. CONTACT.

List of services available in our virtual office and coworking: